What if there was a way to release emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, old stories childhood wounds, baggage, old stories, in the time it takes you to finish your tea... 

"I started channeling healing energy into paintings that looked like symbols to help me heal old wounds and blocks from when I was young. I would meditate on them for a few minutes and they would make me feel better. Years later, I was told by Spirit that I had a ' BLESSED ASSIGNMENT' - that I was to create 3 paintings called 'Keys' that contained specific healing frequencies to help unlock doors to hidden emotional wounds, limited beliefs and emotional baggage and offer them to the public."

Intuitive Artist, Healer & Medium
Creator, 3 Keys to the Kingdom

"I help people get out of their own way, one Key at a time, one block at a time."


How can we heal our past when we can't see what's there?

Most of us don't even know what's hiding in our unconscious mind.

Old stories, resistances, limited beliefs, and blocks from unhealed emotional wounds directing our life behind the scenes, keeping us stuck in fear and uncertainty, attracting negative people and situations that mirror our darkness or trigger us until we turn the light on.

We deny our past and pretend everything is fine, stuffing our feelings down, suffering silently.

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3 Keys shines the light on unconscious blocks that work behind the scenes to sabotage us

Each Key contains healing frequencies that work holistically together to unlock doors to hidden emotional wounds and baggage in the unconscious, revealing and healing them one layer at a time, one block at a time (like peeling an onion)... automagically


The 1st Key

attunes to the frequency of the emotional wound causing it to come up to the surface and reveal itself 


The 2nd Key

clears the blocks or trauma that was revealed, healing you from the inside out,



The 3rd Key

cuts remaining ties and cords connecting you with your spirit and your soul's path on earth

Here's how it works

Healing frequencies

attune to the emotional wound (block, belief or thoughtform), unlocking and unblocking it one layer at a time.

There are 3 Keys per emotional issue or block. Meditate on each Key as they appear on the screen, one after the other, for 3 minutes until they're complete.

3 Keys on a laptop-photo credit-dai-ke-3

Moving you to a happier, more peaceful state of being, all in the time it takes you to finish your coffee or tea.


15 sets of Keys to choose from based on common emotional issues

There are 15 sets of Keys to choose from (with more to come) divided into 3 categories: Getting out of your own way, Relationship Rescue and Deep Healing

Rent on streaming video

The Keys are set to video, with easy, on-screen guided instructions and soothing background music. You can rent each set of Keys for 72 hours or subscribe to a healing plan (coming soon). All you have to do is sit and watch from any device whenever you need an emotional tune-up!


I started my session with a few deep breaths to prepare myself for the meditation as suggested.

I loved the upcoming feeling while watching those high vibrating keys. It took a few moments to connect to these healing treasures as visual meditation was completely new for me.

The beautiful colours went directly to my heart. It felt like absorbing the vibration of the keys. Healing energy was flowing through my energy field. The intense colour of the keys was glowing so strong. It is powerful and calming at the same time. This kind of meditation is absolutely working for me!

Birgit Pulzer-Milalkovits, 

Spiritual Teacher, Austria