Blocks + Baggage

Blocks + baggage are the things that trip you up when you least expect it. That little voice in your head, telling you to 'stop trying' when you're trying to reach a goal or do something new and important or accomplish anything! 

Image by Michał Parzuchowski

You swore 'never again'.

Not only did you think that... That emotional pain moved from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind leaving an emotional scar that lays dormant until it gets triggered again and again until it is healed.

Female Swimmers

Because in grade 3, you summed up the nerve to try out for the school play. You were invincible! But when you entered the stage, everyone was there looking at you. You couldn't speak... 

Image by Tim Gouw

Your blocks work behind the scenes to sabotage you


Your reactions are based on old wounds that get triggered unconsciously. Instead of being present and going with the flow, your old wounds show up as self-doubt, self-sabotage, unworthiness, and other limiting beliefs about yourself, keeping you stuck in the past, repeating patterns and revisiting old stories without really knowing why. 

Emotional wounds feed on fear and negativity, sending a signal out to the world that you're not good enough, attractive enough or smart enough, attracting people into your life with similar issues who mirror you.


Buried emotions create energetic walls to 'protect' others from getting too close for fear of being hurt again, judged, or worse... rejected. We think walls make us feel safe, but instead block us from giving and receiving love and enjoying life.