Below are the 1st of 3 Keys for each emotional issue or block. The first Key triggers or unlocks the issue or block to reveal itself. 

  1. Navigate through the Keys until you're intuitively drawn toward one. (You may scroll down a bit more to reveal the title and description after you've chosen your Key(s) but not before.)

  2. Meditate on it for about a minute (focusing on the top/middle area of the Key with your third eye chakra which is situated in the middle of your forehead). If you feel fear, sadness, anger, bitterness, resentment or resistance, you may have a block or issue that needs healing.

  3. Click the Key to instantly stream all 3 Keys for 72 hours. You can also subscribe to the healing plan associated with those Keys for unlimited access anytime you need an emotional tune-up.

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What's blocking you?



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