Are you letting   past emotional wounds   dictate your present?

3 Keys busts through unconscious blocks and limited beliefs transmuting them automagically

There are 15 sets of Keys to choose from based on common emotional issues, baggage and blocks like self love, self-doubt, feeling stuck and fear of commitment.

Stream individual sets of Keys INSTANTLY or

access all Keys within a plan for one low price

The Keys are set to video, with easy, on-screen guided instructions and soothing background music. You can rent each set of Keys for 72 hours or subscribe to a healing plan for unlimited access to all Keys within that plan. All you have to do is sit and watch from any device whenever you need an emotional tune-up!

Choose from 3 different healing themes:

I started my session with a few deep breaths to prepare myself for the meditation as suggested.

I loved the upcoming feeling while watching those high vibrating keys. It took a few moments to connect to these healing treasures as visual meditation was completely new for me.

The beautiful colours went directly to my heart. It felt like absorbing the vibration of the keys. Healing energy was flowing through my energy field. The intense colour of the keys was glowing so strong. It is powerful and calming at the same time. This kind of meditation is absolutely working for me!

Birgit Pulzer-Milalkovits, 

Spiritual Teacher, Austria